Recognized cross industry leader in custom cable set and wire harness solutions

Wiring harness, cable systems for the automotive industry

We produce complete cable systems for the automotive, commercial vehicle and bus industries, as well as for single- and special vehicles such as earth-moving equipment and electric cars.

Complex cable systems for the mechanical engineering industry

Customised cable sets for modern production lines in connection with control and conveyor systems, complying with the highest standards. Special solutions for heavy power and data transfer challenges.

Cable systems for the aerospace industry

Special cable systems for aeroplane cockpits from ultralight aircraft to passenger planes, body wiring including console, sensor connections, wet cell units.

Cable systems for the solar technology and wind power

Solar cell connection and assembly including safety units and protective devices in all wet areas. In addition, installation and operation of complex cable units for wind power converters.

Winding technology

Production of axially low-voltage magnetic coils for pumping systems, magnetic solenoids, braking systems and magnetic power plants. Coils produced manually or semi-automatically with high precision.

Hot melt technology (Macromelt)

Low-pressure plastics technology for high quality stability and execution with maintenance of form, in the areas of the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, heating technology and household goods.

Plastic moulding

Plastic technical components for cable systems in the areas of sensors, engine compartments and external sections with very high resistance demands, coatings for the connection of cable systems with component assemblies, meeting the highest standards.

Resin casting technology

Resin casting technology is used by us for permanent high-strength connections. Cable systems with high acceleration parameters or particularly high load capacity are thus produced.

Component assemblies

Mechanical, electrical and electronic components, as well as display and control units are assembled for usage in all branches of industry.

About Us

Mission Statement

Eltec strives to develop the best solution to any given problem and keeps the company mission to these three promises:
• Offer the best technologically advanced and customized solutions.
• Manufacture products of highest quality and innovation.
• Offer the highest standard of customer service.
The “Zero Mistakes” Mentality
Eltec maintains a primary focus on quality products and service. To ensure a continuous level of high standard, the company president introduced the phrase “zero mistakes” in the late 90's, where it promptly became the organization's internal motto throughout all hierarchy levels. Since inception, Eltec conducts regular employee training and quality control and makes these procedures an essential part of its operations. This focus has helped to elevate the company's performance level throughout the years and obtain the "A list" supplier status, 0 PPM counts for selected clients, as well as a list of quality certifications.



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Corporate Leadership:

Istvan Domeny, President
Csaba Domolki, Chief Executive Officer
Jozsef Veress, Chief Quality Officer

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